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Join us as we dive into groundbreaking advances, trends, and news shaping the quantum landscape. Discover the cutting-edge developments pushing the boundaries of computing technology. Through insightful discussions, expert interviews, and in-depth analysis, we unravel the intricate theories and real-world applications driving this transformative field. 'The Quantum State' also offers updates from BTQ, sharing the company's research progress and innovative products at the forefront of quantum computing. Embark on this mind-bending journey with us as we navigate the realm of quantum computing, witnessing its potential to revolutionize our world.

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Anastasia Marchenkova

Anastasia Marchenkova has been a quantum researcher at the Georgia Tech quantum optics and quantum telecommunications lab. She also worked as a researcher at the University of Maryland Joint Quantum Institute and was affiliated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Anastasia founded Bleximo, where she focuses on building application-specific superconducting quantum processors.

She holds the position of Vice Chair for the IEEE Quantum Computing Standards project. Additionally, she collaborates with Giga Global, a UNICEF-ITU initiative, aiming to connect every school in the world to the internet.

Anastasia maintains a blog and a YouTube channel where she demystifies quantum computing. Her goal is to inspire more scientists and engineers to delve into quantum computing research.

Furthermore, she offers a program called "Extraversion for Introverts," designed to help tech professionals overcome imposter syndrome and cultivate a confident presence.


Gavin Brennen

Director Macquarie Centre for Quantum Engineering (MQCQE)
Chief Investigator ARC Centre for Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) Executive Board Member Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA)

Peter Rohde

Associate Investigator ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems Centre for Quantum Software & Information (QSI)

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51:2427.86 MB

Unlocking Universal Fault Tolerance with Cat Qubits and Delving into Advanced Quantum Concepts

In this episode, Théau Peronnin, CEO and co-founder of Alice and Bob, discusses the development of universal fault-tolerant quantum computers using cat qubits. He explains the importance of Shor's algorithm and its implications for breaking encryption. Theo also highlights the challenges of quantum...

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A Look Back at 2023 and Quantum Predictions for 2024
January 02, 2024x
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A Look Back at 2023 and Quantum Predictions for 2024

In this episode of The Quantum State, we're wrapping up the year 2023 and making bold predictions for what 2024 holds in the realm of quantum technology. Host Anastasia Marchenkova, joined by quantum experts Dr. Peter Rhode and Dr. Gavin Brennan, guides us through the latest developments and future...