Preon in Focus: NIST’s Quest for Quantum-Resistant Security
The Quantum StateSeptember 04, 2023x
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Preon in Focus: NIST’s Quest for Quantum-Resistant Security

In today's episode of The Quantum State, we delve deep into the world of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) with special guest Chen-Mou from the Preon team. With quantum computers threatening the very foundation of cryptography as we know it, there's a global race to create quantum-resistant cryptographic solutions.

🔐 Key Highlights: The NIST PQC Competition: What it means and why it's essential for the future of digital security in the quantum age.

Deep Dive into Preon: How does BTQ's post-quantum cryptography scheme stand out from the crowd, and what technical innovations are powering its design?

Journey to Creation: Discover the challenges and triumphs the Preon team faced in bringing their groundbreaking scheme to life.

Looking Forward: From potential commercial applications to plans for widespread adoption, what's next for Preon? 📜 

Discussion Points:

  • The importance and significance of the NIST PQC competition in quantum computing.
  • The core principles making Preon resistant to both classical and quantum attacks. 
  • A comparison of Preon's key sizes and assumptions with current cryptographic standards.
  • Insights into Preon's unique features like selective-reveal and threshold signatures.
  • The future landscape of PQC and when businesses should consider transitioning. ... and much more! 💻 Learn More about Preon: 🎧 Stay Updated: Don't forget to subscribe and ring the notification bell for more quantum insights! Listen to us wherever you get your podcasts. See you in the next episode!